Preparing for the Upgrade to Facebook Timeline



What’s changing?

The basic layout appears much different than the original Facebook. There will be a large cover photo across the top boarder, view posts from a timeline format, “go back in time,” and directly connect with your fans through messaging.

Until you’re adjusted to the new view, you can choose to “preview” your page to see how it will appear to the public as you play with the settings. On March 30, 2012 your page will automatically be converted to Timeline format, whether you’re ready or not- so let’s make sure you’re prepared!

Cover Photo

First thing’s first. What are your fans going to see? Your cover photo. You want to make this colorful, artistic, and pertinent to your company.

Things to Avoid:

  • Billboard style (nobody wants ads)
  • Words (can be perceived as an ad, and once Timeline is updated for mobile, it will be difficult for people to read)
  • Don’t blow up a picture or shrink one down (830x315 pixels- crop it!)

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Does the cover photo grab your attention?
  • Does it reflect the personality of the company?
  • Is the picture good quality for the size?

Profile Picture

Your cover photo will not be reflected in your posts or comments, it will only be seen when people visit your page. Your profile picture is still associated with all of your actions. Keep your profile picture clear and simple and use your company’s logo.

Page Icons

There are four visible icons for apps, they will show up at the top of your page and you can change which apps are visible and the order of appearance.

Timeline Feed Format   

So now you’ll notice that your posts are no longer confined to one single line on your page, instead they are separated into two parts and connected along a timeline. Although this may seem confusing at first, think of any timeline you’ve created- you need to put information on both sides of the timeline. In Facebook, these sides of the timeline are represented through the different columns. Of course, most timelines you’ve created have probably been horizontal, but just change your orientation a bit- this one is vertical.

Post Organization

Normally all of your posts are recorded and confined to the time and date in which you posted them, but now you can go back in time! Not really, but if you’re just starting your Facebook Timeline page, haven’t been great about posting, and feel like your page is looking a tad empty, you can post to the past.

To post in the past you can click on the clock in the bottom left corner of the post screen and pick the month and year you’d like to use. This is a great way to fill up empty space on your page without spamming fans.

Thing to Post Back in Time

  • Interesting Articles
  • Mentions
  • Older Pictures

Cleaning up Your Timeline

When you go to “preview” your Timeline you may notice that some old posts from fans appear more prominent than you would like, go ahead and clear them off of your Timeline. To do so click the “x” in the top right corner, just like you would delete a post on the old Facebook.


You can click the “pin” button that keeps one post at the top of your page in one column. Doing this allows for newsfeed to continue flowing in one column, while your pinned post is kept in view on the other side.

Great Things to Pin

  • Company Mentions
  • Blog Posts
  • New Pictures
  • Updates


Another way to draw attention to a particular post is by clicking the “highlight” button. This will make a post stand out by spanning across both columns (cutting through the timeline line). So when fans are scanning through your timeline highlights will catch their eye and they can see important moments in your company’s history.


Have a big event that you and your fans want to remember? You can show the importance of an event by clicking “Milestone” and inputting the date, location, story, and optional picture. Milestones also span across both columns like highlights.

Possible Milestones

  • Foundings/Openings
  • Long-time team members
  • Etc.

Admin Panel

This is where you can check your notifications, new likes, insights to who is liking your page, message inbox, and page tips. The Admin Panel is designed to work for a team format, so you and your team members will be able to access this page and see and manage the happenings of your page.

Ready, Set, Go!

You still have a couple weeks, and now you are well prepared to start updating your site! Don’t get bogged down, this should only take a few hours. And have fun with it. Found a goofy picture of your co-worker or remember a great event? Go ahead and add ‘em!

Facebook created Timeline so that users can have a more personal connection with the pages, so keep it bright, light, and fun!



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