Mobile Advertising Is Important. Here's Why.

According to eMarketer, smartphone users worldwide are predicted to surpass the 2.5 billion mark (that's billion...with a "b") by 2017. Check out our infographic below to learn more about why mobile advertising is important for everyone.

And that's why mobile advertising is important.

The world is watching their mobile devices; wouldn't you want them to see you too?

Check out DropIn today to launch your ads and join in on the fun.



We use DropIn to supplement our PPC in a way that drives callers to our phone lines. That is a bit different that what to buy for lunch, but many of the dynamics are quite the same.

It still starts with a Who, What, When, Where, How, & Why proposition that ends in a fully developed concept of the business process from offer to oust-transaction follow up. DropIn empowers New World Computer Concepts [] interject a commercial message in a publicity peice or visa-versa. A simple flip flop that is a real landing page for a community of interests that is dynamically changing all the time.
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