Why brands are shifting TV budget to mobile this Super Bowl Sunday

Mobile Marketer recently published an article detailing why certain brands are pulling back from Super Bowl ad spends in favor of more targeted and cost effective mobile efforts.

Our customers tell us the same story as they move budget from traditional media to mobile. Here's a bit more insight from our team:

Why are budgets moving away from broadcast television, specifically?

It's no secret. Brands who spend big at the Super Bowl are looking for one thing: to put their name in front of millions of people. But the cost is high, and the impact is arguably immeasurable.

Just like TV advertising, mobile also allows you to reach millions of people with your message right where their eyes are looking: their mobile screens. 

Unlike a TV spot, though, consumers can engage more deeply with a mobile ad with the tap of a finger and then on a landing page. Can you tap a TV ad to learn more? Definitely not.

There’s lots of talk about using data to reach the right customer. What does that mean, exactly?

Data is all the rage. Companies like CraveLabs are doing some cool things with data to target their audience: using consumer’s history, interests, app engagement, and more. Gathering and gleaning insights from data offers powerful ways to reach customers who are most likely to engage with your brand.

CraveLabs’ software, DropIn, uses some relatively simple data to help you reach the right audience: real-time location data.

In the context of the upcoming Super Bowl, how would CraveLabs recommend brands put their message in front of the right audience? Run mobile ads over every suburban neighborhood in the Boston and Seattle area. Knowing a large audience is going to be glued to their TV, smartphone, and tablet screens that day. Use time and location, as well as a relevant message, to reach an engaged audience right where they're looking.

So, what do Super Bowl budgets buy in mobile?

In 2014 advertisers spent $4 million per 30-second TV spot to reach 100 million eyeballs.

Hypothetically if you spent that $4 million in mobile advertising you could buy 2 billion impressions or more. Yes, billion with a ‘b’. We’re talking 20x the Super Bowl TV ad reach.

That $4 million price tag doesn’t include the cost of producing the TV spot, either. So, now you’re really starting to understand why mobile advertising is looking pretty good to advertisers.

So, what are you waiting for? Launch some geotargeted mobile ads with DropIn. And go Pats!

Read the full article here from Mobile Marketer: http://www.mobilemarketer.com/cms/news/advertising/19615.html



Superbowl XLIX - How local businesses can win big with mobile advertising

More than one million people are expected to converge in downtown Phoenix for Super Bowl festivities in two weeks, generating over a half-billion dollars in economic impact for local businesses.

While national brands are spending millions to put their name in front of game-day viewers, how can local Arizona businesses take advantage of the opportunity? One easy way is to launch geotargeted mobile ads with DropIn. Launch your ad now.

Mobile ads allow advertisers to reach an audience at a specific time and place - perfect for a large event like the Superbowl. Here's everything you need to know about using mobile ads to win big during the Superbowl.


Visitors will be arriving in Phoenix the weekend before the event to watch the Pro Bowl on 1/25, and crowds will continue to grow leading up to the main event on February 1st. Start your ads on Friday, 1/24 to have the greatest impact. Continue advertising through February 6th to catch the attention of visitors who stay in Phoenix to enjoy the post-event parties and warm weather.


Think about where visitors will be located during their visit. This includes local hotels, pre-event parties, shopping areas, bars and restaurants. Don't forget about the airport (PHX), the stadium, and convention center too.


You're likely reaching football fans, so make sure to reference the Superbowl. No matter your business, make your message compelling and clear. Don't forget to say 'tap for directions' too, because visitors may not know their way around town.

OK, you're ready for game day. 3-2-1 GO!

Mobile advertising: Answers to our top 5 most frequently asked questions

We talk to a lot of people about targeted mobile advertising. Every day.

So what are the top questions we hear? Here are our most frequent questions and our answers:

  1. "Where do my mobile ads appear?"

    • Our partners give us access to ad space in thousands of quality apps, games, and mobile websites. Your customers may be playing Scramble with Friends, reading an article published by your local NBC news station, or checking the weather on their Accuweather app. Bottom line: when they're in your selected zip code(s) and engaged with their mobile device...you can reach them with DropIn.
  2. "I hate those annoying full-screen pop up ads. Is that what DropIn does?"

    • No sir! We dislike those disruptive ads as much as you do. When you advertise with DropIn your ad will typically be seen at the top / bottom of the screen, or embedded in the text of an article. No pop ups, annoying messages, or hard-to-close boxes. Your ad is often the only ad on screen, too, so you can really catch your customer's attention.
  3. "How do you know when a customer is nearby?"

    • Don't worry, we aren't doing anything creepy, and our technology doesn't use any special technology or hardware. If a customer is located in your target area and using an app, playing a game, or browsing a mobile website, their device sends us a request that says 'hey, there's someone nearby and looking at an app!'. This message also includes a tiny bit of data about the customer's location. We receive that request and immediately send your ad to be displayed on that customer's phone in whatever app or website they're using. All of this happens in milliseconds. Millions of times each day.
  4. "Can I see my mobile ad live?"

    • The short answer is: no, you can't see your ad live, in an app or website. Why? Because each time we display your ad, it's generated in real time when a nearby customer is using an app or website on their mobile device. But don't worry. Before you launch your ad with DropIn, we make sure to show you a preview of your ad so you can see what your customers will see. 
  5. "So will my ad show up when someone is doing a Google search? Or on Facebook?"

    • DropIn ads do not show up on Google searches or on Facebook feeds. At DropIn we believe that knowing the location of your customers is the first (and most important) filter you can use as an advertiser. You know where they are, so why waste ads elsewhere? Once you pick a geographic area to target, DropIn makes it possible to reach your customers and impact their decision-making in real time. No matter what apps and websites they are using.

More questions? We'd love to talk to you: info@dropin.ioReady to launch mobile ads in your zip code? Get started with DropIn.

Grab the attention of last minute holiday shoppers with these 4 mobile ad tips

The holidays are fast approaching! How are you making sure you're capturing the attention of last minute holiday shoppers? These 4 tips will help you maximize impact leading up to the holidays:

  • Be opportunistic. If there are events in the community that you find interesting, share that information with your customers via DropIn mobile ads. More than any other time of year, customers are thinking about shopping and are open to receiving messages from local merchants. Think: tree lightings nearby that might bring foot traffic near your store.
  • Change ad content frequently with holiday-themed messages, events, or promotions - a current and relevant message will help your ad get noticed. While this is important all year long, it's particularly important to have a louder voice during the holiday season. 
  • Many merchants do 25-40% of sales during the month of Dec. Budgets should match: merchants should boost budgets for the entire month. Particularly as the holiday approaches. The weekend before Christmas is going to be filled with shoppers making last-minute gift purchases. Make sure your message is on mobile screens, where people are looking!
  • Don't stop at Christmas - the week between Christmas and New Years is a huge shopping time of year. People are listening. Start talking to them about January when they might have gift cards to redeem.

Don't have mobile ads running? Jump on the opportunity and launch your free trial of DropIn now!

New DropIn features launched! Check out the improved ad-builder, updated heatmap, and more

Just in time for the holiday season, we're making it even easier to reach thousands of customers in your area with geotargeted mobile ads. This week we're excited to announce our latest product release, including a list of new features:
  1. Updated campaign manager & dashboard - Featuring an at-a-glance view into current campaign performance, larger heat map, and more.
  2. Point-and-click zip code targeting - With point-and-click geographic targeting, add zip codes quickly and easily, right from the map.
  3. Easy ad-builder tool - It’s now easier than ever to create and launch a new ad from scratch. Upload and crop your ad image, or build your ad from social media posts in just a few clicks.
  4. Smart ad preview - Review all standard ad sizes before launching, to make sure your ad looks its best. Preview your landing page, too, before you press 'go'.
  5. Expanded design features for ad font & color - Select colors and fonts for any ad. Want a green headline and red button? Wish you could pick a different background color? Go for it! 

Already a DropIn customer? Log into your dashboard.

New to DropIn? Start your free trial.

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