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Keep it simple: Picking an image for your mobile ad

When thinking about the best image for your mobile ad, the best advice is to keep it simple.

A good image can grab viewer’s attention and get them to notice your ad.

Here are 3 things to remember when selecting an image for your DropIn mobile ad:

  1. The viewer of your ad will have fractions of a second to figure out what your image is: Your image should be simple. If it's too busy or contains fine details it won't catch the viewer's attention. 
  2. Your image should be obviously related to your message or business: if your image is unrelated to your message, the viewer will be confused and uninterested. It's sort of like when you receive an email with an intruiging subject line and you open it, only to find out it's spam. Don't spam your ad viewers.
  3. Simple is best: trying to convey a message through your image won't work. It’s going to be viewed at a small size, and at a glance. 

Here's a good test: cover up your text and ask yourself: "what kind of business is this?" - if your answer is unclear, you should probably pick a better image.

What about size? Our recommended image size is 300x120px. Not sure how to crop an image? Don't worry - you can crop your image with DropIn software as you're building your ad.

Customers ask us, "what are some examples of good images?" - here are some guidelines:

Decided on your image? Great! Now go build your ad.