You asked, DropIn listened...

It may be surprising to some, but the best part about rolling out a product is not the quiet, docile customers, but the ones who give honest and sometimes not so nice feedback.  As a product team driven by offering the best product to our customers, we listen to feedback, learn and deliver.

Here at DropIn our team was proud to roll out our self-serve product in early August and even more proud when companies from across the country signed-in, served ads and saw results. That said, the pride always comes before the fall so we are now several iterations beyond that first release.  We could not have arrived at the latest release without all of the valuable feedback we have received and for that we say, Thank you. 
We also ask that you keep the comments coming so we can push the cutting edge with top quality product that works for you.
Without further ado let's get to the latest and essential features to be found in DropIn. We think the following will enhance your experience and make mobile advertising easy, but, of course, let us know what you think:
Our objective with the Dashboard is to put the most important things in one place and to have clear pathways to finding all the features. Let's look at a few key points:
  • Tabs - We recently added the "Welcome", "Apps & Sites", "Map" and "Tips" tabs to the Dashboard to give you more information about DropIn, your campaign and how best to advertise using DropIn's real-time advertising power.
    • Map - The map that we show you is a "heat-map" of where on the map your ads are being seen by readers. DropIn allows you to target down to the zip code and by that we mean people who are actually in that zip code when they see your ad.
    • Apps & Sites - We are really excited about releasing information to you about the exact apps and sites where your ad is being shown. We think that it supports our view that when using DropIn for awareness and increased engagement it is really "that" your clients are reading not "what" they are reading.  We only buy ads on premium sites and we know this is of value because there is no way for you to reliably predict what sites people in your area are reading.  That said, we show you the top sites that your customers are reading so you can have a sense.  We are also using this data to improve our targeting so look for more improvements to come.
    • Tips - We've run millions of impressions for businesses of all types around the country and we have included some helpful tips so you get the most out of your ads.  Keep your eye on the Tips tab for updates and suggestions.
  • Subscription Plans
    • Monthly Plans - We introduced the monthly plan feature in mid-October after extensive polling of several hundred customers.  As you will see, the plans are based upon a "Pass the Savings Along" approach. We value all of our customers and are glad to pass along savings to those who sign-up for monthly plans by providing rock bottom pricing.  When you are on a monthly plan you can always do "surge" buying to support an event or special sale.  If you don't do surge buying, you can rest assured that when you are on a monthly plan the name of your business is being seen by 1000s of people on a daily basis, which equals increased presence.
    • Pay-As-You-Go - This product was actually what drove us to start working on DropIn.  When working with publishers we constantly heard from businesses and sales teams that monthly plans were not right for some. We listened and developed cutting edge technology to allow you to start and stop a campaign in the span of one-day.  The day rate is slightly more expensive than the monthly plan day rate but we believe the flexibility makes up for this.
  • Customized Ads and Landing Pages
    • Ads - If you take the Tour in the "Welcome" Tab or if you are already a regular user of DropIn, you will know that our customers have access to "Do It For Me" fully-automated ads drawn from existing social feeds as well as "Do It Yourself" ads created from scratch. With DropIn you can:
      • Keep your ad linked to your business Facebook activity by simply updating the active ad you are running every time you update Facebook.
      • Create a separate ad with an image from your Facebook Page by "Editing" the campaign to change the ad copy.
      • Create an ad from scratch by clicking on "Create A New Post". This feature allows you to upload a photo from whatever device you are on and write custom copy.
    • Landing Page - DropIn customers who are on our premium subscription plan are able to use either the automatically created mobile website that all DropIn customers have linked to their ad or to have their ad link to a website of their choosing.  This feature requires that the linked page be fully functioning and that it meets the highest community standards. This release is one that we at DropIn are taking straight from the playbook of Top Brands and making it available to you.
DropIn Neighborhood
Early adopters are the ones to thank for the DropIn referral program.  Based upon customer enthusiasm and our internal knowledge of how tightly knit many local business communities are we decided to let others pass along the savings. By referring DropIn to other businesses users are able to earn up to two-months of free mobile ads. When a referral turns into a free trial we reward the referring business with one week of free ads (7,000 people seeing the name of their business!) and give the new business the power to do the same.
We hope to see this program take off as more people learn about DropIn.
Customer Support
Though it may seem obvious, many of our customers have been overjoyed by the fact that we actually care.  We built and continue to work on DropIn because we want to see mobile devices filled with helpful, real-time information about local businesses.  As such, we want to help our users in any way we can.  If you ever have a question or need some guidance on how to use DropIn or what is possible with DropIn, simply click the "Questions" button on the Dashboard and our team will be there.  We will be adding to this feature but one thing you can always expect is a receptive and genuinely interested person on the other end of the line.
We here at DropIn believe that advertising and marketing got a little bit out of reach in the past 10 years.  Basic advertising that used to be easy now feels like a chore and is far too time consuming, which means that regular businesses are getting left behind. We see the rising prominence of mobile devices with intuitive design and "do it anywhere, easily" programming as an opportunity for all businesses not just for the world's largest companies.  With DropIn we seek to put the power of mobile exactly where it should be - in the palm of your hand.
Jeff and Jeff
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