Why location-based mobile ads are a “no-brainer” for any business

mobile advertising on smartphones

People are spending 3+ hours looking at their smartphones and tablets. Every day.

You reach for your phone in the morning. Admit it. It's ok. So does everyone else.
People are looking at their phones throughout the day: when they wake up in the morning, on their commutes, while they’re waiting in line for coffee, during breaks at work, in front of the TV at night…and whether they consciously notice and tap on your ad, or subconsciously see it but don't take action, the important thing is: if you had to pick one media outlet to most easily reach consumers with a message, the clear winner is mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).

Trying to reach customers organically on social media just doesn’t cut it anymore. 

In early 2015 Facebook announced they would decrease organic distribution of business Facebook posts, forcing businesses to pay to advertise or promote posts in order to reach their desired audience. In the following months, businesses have been left struggling to figure out how to continue to reach their audience.
Mainwhile, consumers are faced with an overwhelming number of apps to explore on their devices, leaving many social media platforms struggling to keep them engaged.  
According to a study by globalwebindex.net, active Facebook users has hit an all-time low of 43% in Q4 2014 and Twitter is holding steady at 22% of total users who are active. Instagram isn't much better (I know, I know, I love Instagram too). Instagram is at 13% of users who are active. (Active is defined as "used or contributed to the service on any device in the last month".) 
But fear not! 89% of smartphone owners access the internet regularly (in the last week). And while you may not be able to predict what they will be looking at (UsWeekly? Words with Friends? Local news? Weather?) the best way to possibly reach them is with mobile advertising. 

By reaching your customers on a regular basis you stay top of mind next time they're making a purchasing decision.

DropIn local advertising allows you to target your mobile ads by zip code. Because of this highly-targeted hyperlocal approach, you can tailor your audience in a powerful way. By reaching consumers who are most likely to be your customers - right where they live, work, play, and transit - you can be assured you’re putting your name in front of the right people. These consumers may not act on your message today or tomorrow. By putting your name in front of them regularly, though, you can rest assured you’ll be in the back of their mind when they need what your business provides.

Spend as little as $2 per day and know you’re reaching thousands of customers with your message.

Just like you write on a sandwich board and place it outside your location, or post announcements on your facebook wall. Mobile ads allow you to do the same thing but on consumers’ smartphones. We like to think of it like a hanging your window sign right on a consumer's smartphone screen for them to see. 

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